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Created : 16-02-26 18:03
PIEFriends for Kids (2/24)
 Name : PIEF
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On Feb. 24, we had a number of lovely Korean and American children get together
and participate in the 3rd & last PIEFriends for Kids program.
 Unlike the other 2 gatherings, which consisted of learning Korean traditional crafts,
this time they got to get a taste of the girl scouts culture!

First the children learned how to make sit-upons.
After completing the craft, they got to try them out!
They sat in a circle on the floor and taught the Korean children the song "Make New Friends."
Also, they played a squeezing game, which is usually played within this troup.

With this being the last gathering, the children were given props to
take pictures with their partners of the day. Aren't they adorable?!

Before wrapping up, we took a normal group photo and the classic silly photo.


We hope everyone that participated had as much fun as we did hosting the program!♡








Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation, PIEF