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Created : 20-07-13 11:16
[REGISTRATION CLOSED] PIEF Global Supporters Recruitment
 Name : PIEF
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   https://forms.gle/LbpTwHzx1aSEdmVM6 [450]



PIEF is looking for ONE FEMAL EXPAT in her EARLY OR MID-TWENTIES to become a global supporter!

As a Global Supporter, you will be matched with a Korean to visit places

around Pyeongtaek and write about your experience in your native language.

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- Appointment Duration: September ~ December

- Looking for: 1 female expat in her early to mid-twenties that would like to explore Pyeongtaek with Korean partner

- Main Task: Visit places around Pyeongtaek with your Korean partner & write blog post style articles

- Submission Requirements

· Blog post writing about places you have visited with your Korean partner (click HERE for sample)

· Photos related to article

- Main Benefit: Compensation for writing (40,000won/post)
* payment will be made once a month & income tax may apply
 - How to Apply: Submit online application form (click HERE for application form)

- Inquiry: 031-692-4303 or 070-4149-9649


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