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Created : 17-04-24 17:58
12th One Heart Spring Fest Experience Booths Recruitment
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   12th One Heart Spring Fest Experience Booths Recruitment.docx (30.9K) [63] DATE : 2017-04-24 17:58:58
12th One Heart Spring Fest  Experience Booths Recruitment
Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation (PIEF) is hosting the "12th One Heart Spring Fest”
which is an interactive event for the participants, in hopes of promoting mutual understanding 
between the Koreans and foreigners residing in Pyeongtaek.
The theme of this year's event is Understanding Each Other. 
With that in mind, we hope to recruit diverse participants to operate booths 
that represent world culture, personal hobbies, home businesses, 
or any kind of interactive hands-on experiences. 
Please refer to the outline below for more information. 
Experience Booths Recruitment Outline 
 Date & Time: 2017. 5. 20.(Sat) – 21(Sun), 13:00-19:00 
 Venue: Anjeong-ro(outside Camp Humphreys Main Gate) 
 Number of Booths: 30 (Booth Size: 5x2.5m) 
 Event Schedule

Arrival &Booth Set Up
Operate Booths
Booth Clean Up &Dismissal

 Examples of Booths


Interactive Experiences
  - Musical instruments, games, quizzes, handicrafts, etc. 
Costume Experiences
  - Provide experiences of traditional costumes from around the world 
  - Face Painting for Children 
  - Introduction of hobbies, institutions, home-businesses, etc.

   · Size of Booth: 5m×2.5m 
   · Method of Recruitment : Fill out application and turn in via email (pief.pscenter@gmail.com) 
   · Provided/Included (per Booth) : 500,000won financial aid (operation expenses, etc.), 
                                                        1 table, 6 chairs, 2 volunteers (translators), Electricity.
   · Rules: (1) No gas/fire/ permitted; (2) water is not provided; and (3) must meet participatory regulations
   · Volunteer Allotment: Up to 2 volunteers will be placed at each booth to provide translations when needed
   · Experience Fee: You can charge material fee of under 3,000won per person 
   · Plans may change due to unexpected circumstances