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About Us

Center Introduction

Paengseong International Community Center


Office Wing
Administrative Affairs and Consultations
Conference Room
Seminar Room
Seminars and Small Lectures
Multicultural Food Tasting

Food-Related Programs (e.g., Korean Cooking Classes, Food Exchange, etc.)



Information Exchange Wing
Lecture Room

Lectures and Learning Exchange Meetings (e.g., Korean Language Classes, PIEF Academy, etc.)
International Conference Room

International Conferences (e.g., Model United Nations Conference, etc.)
Interpretation Room
Conference Interpretations
Various Exchange Meetings (e.g., Talk Café, etc.)
Outdoor Terrace (Roof Garden)

Outdoor Lectures, Garden Parties



Culture & Arts Wing
Concert Hall
Various Performances and Conventions
Dressing Room
Performance Standby and Preparation





42, Anjeongsunhwan-ro 267beon-gil- Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
Phone: 031-692-4301~3 / Fax: 031-692-4304
• Public Transportation

Pyeongtaek Station Line 1 (Exit 1) → take bus #20 (k-6 bound) at Pyeongtaek station bus stop (in front of McDonalds; 15-708) → get off at “Paengseong Library/Paengseong International Community Center” bus stop (15 stops total) → walk for about 5 minutes → PS Center
• Vehicle

Pyeongtaek Station (Exit 2 Side) → Wonpyeong 1-ro (after 380m and then turn left) → bound for Pyeongnam-ro (1.52km) → bound for Paengseong, turn right on Pyeonggun 3-way junction → bound for “Anjung/Oseong-myeon,” turn right on Paengseong Rice Processing Center → bound for Anjeong-ro (1.8km) → turn right towards Paengseong-eup office → Dongseochon-ro 153m → PS Center


- Walking Directions (from Camp Humphreys to PS Center)


Space Rental Information

Space Availability Check
  • call and/or at least 2 weeks before the event to make a reservation
Rental Agreement/Contract
  • visit and/or fax
Rental Payment Bill Issued
  • e-mail or fax
Make Rental Payment
  • advance payment at least a week before usage the event


Space Rental Applications

  • Rental Application

  • Rental Terms
    & Conditions

  • Fee Exemption

  • Business License
    (if an individual business)



Paengseong International Community Center 031) 692-4301~3