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About Us

Mission & Organization

Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation was established in 2014 to manage Pyeongtaek City’s international exchange relations systematically and effectively, and play a lead role in Pyeongtaek’s globalization

Matching USFK’s move to Pyeongtaek and the increasing numbers of multicultural families and international students in Pyeongtaek, PIEF will work towards supporting its foreigners, globalizing its citizens, and strengthening international exchange among the two.

In order to make Pyeongtaek the most memorable city of your life, PIEF promotes various cultural exchange programs that allow both Pyeongtaek citizens and foreigners to participate in. Through these programs, those residing in Pyeongtaek can learn more about one another’s culture and language. Hoping that everyone can live in harmony in Pyeongtaek, PIEF will continue to perform its role.



Organizational Chart




Department Position Name Responsibilities Contact Number
- Executive Director Sang don Cha Supervising all activites of the Pyeongtaek international Exchange Foundation 031-692-4301
Management Planning Department General Manager Hee chun Lee Management Planning Department Supervision 070-4283-9643
Deputy General Manager Bong jin Jung Planning, Administration Management 070-4283-9641
Administrative Officer Kyu seob Hwang Accounting 070-4283-9642
Administrative Officer Hye ran Kim Human resource Management, Public relations 031-692-4301
Global Program Team General Manager Hyun jin Yeh Directing Global Program Team 070-4283-9647
Deputy General Manager Yu kyung Kim Managing programs and projects 070-4283-9648
Assistant Manager Su jin Kim Building ROK-US Non-Governmental Partnership Networks Managing accounting of Global Program Team 031-692-4303
Assistant Manager Tina Yim Managing Foreigner Support Programs Buildiing Foriegner Network Managing Non-Governmental Committees 070-4149-9649
Program Officer Jihyun Shin Managing Foreigner Support Programs Managing Pyeongtaek Foreigner Information Center Managing translation/interpretation service 031-692-4302
- Hee wook Shin Managing Paengseong Center facilities and space rentals 070-4283-9645
International Exchange Team General Manager Youn Joung Kong Supervising all activites of the International Exchange Team 070-4607-4138
Deputy General Manager Kuk bong Jeon Developing new projects and programs 070-4607-4131
Assistant Manager Su yeon Seo Reinforcement of citizen's capability, Global Culture & Art 070-4607-4132
Assistant Manager Eui keun Lee Cooperate with Private Organization, Building networks, Accounting 031-667-2351
Policy Support Team General Manager Keun yang Park Policy Support Team Supervision 070-4607-4136
Assistant Manager Chae yeon Woo City Policy Project Support 070-4607-4134
Assistant Manager Hee young Yu City Policy Project Support 070-4135-7884
Program Officer Uk jin Jang City Policy Project Support Managing accounting of Policy Support Team 031-667-2353
Program Officer Jong hyun Joo City Policy Project Support 070-4135-7885
Program Officer Hyun jung Jo City Policy Project Support 070-4135-7886
- Mi geun Lee City Policy Project Support Managing Sontan Center facilities and space rentals 070-4607-4133
Art Camp Deputy General Manager Ho ryong Noo Directing Art Camp 031-652-2995
Program Officer Yu kyung Hwnag Public relations, Operation Art Camp programs 031-652-2996
Pyeongtaek English Education Center(Southern) Director Moon young Yoo Supervising all activities of Pyeongtaek English Education Center 031-8094-4706
Assistant Manager Yun jin KIM Budget Planning & Organization management 031-692-0571
Administrative Officer Yu sun Kim Accounting and Spending & Educational administration 070-7844-0521
Administrative Officer Hyun min Kim General affairs & Educational administration 031-8094-4707
Administrative Officer So yeon Kim Managing Southern center facilities & Educational administration 031-668-0509
Chief teacher Ji eun Yang Managing of Programs & English-speaking teachers management 031-8094-4702
Teacher Eun young Jang Managing of Programs & Teaching 031-8094-4703
Teacher Sang jin Jeong Managing of Programs & Teaching 031-8094-4704
Teacher Ye won Lee Managing of Programs & Teaching 031-8094-4701
Teacher Joshua Managing of Programs & Teaching -
Teacher Jeffery Managing of Programs & Teaching -
Teacher Joseph Managing of Programs & Teaching -
Teacher Randall Managing of Programs & Teaching -
Pyeongtaek English Education Center(Northern) Administrative Officer Ga hyun Park General affairs & Educational administration 070-4821-6645
Teacher Kyeong sun Park Managing of Programs & Teaching 070-4413-5813
Teacher Eun ji Park Managing of Programs & Teaching 070-4281-6646
Teacher Victor Managing of Programs & Teaching -
Teacher Shenay Managing of Programs & Teaching -
Pyeongtaek English Education Center(Western) Administrative Officer Se jin Kim General affairs & Educational administration 070-4271-0509
Teacher Seon hye Yoon Managing of Programs & Teaching 070-4271-0510
Teacher Mabocha Managing of Programs & Teaching -