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Korean & American Teen English Camp
English Camp for Pyeongtaek Teenagers


About the Program
Korean & American Teen English Camp is where Pyeongtaek teenagers are given the opportunity to witness how American schools operate. Also by staying at a USFK family’s house for a couple of days (homestay), the teens will be able to naturally learn about the American culture.
Pyeongtaek and USFK Middle School Students
Program Information
  • When : May 18-20, 2015
  • What :
    • - Sit-in American middle school classes
      - Homestay at American households
      - Certificate of Completion given and graduation party
Participation Benefits
May participate in the English Camp, PIEF’s homestay, and home visit programs. Also you may continue the relationship built with the USFK families and friends during the camp.
How to Apply
Who : Middle school students residing in Pyeongtaek
How : Information about signing-up for the English Camp will be sent out to local schools by the Department of Education. You may register through your school.
Paengseong International Community Center 031-692-4301~3
Songtan International Community Center 031-667-2353